India: Delhi – Maru the Tuk Tuk wala

///India: Delhi – Maru the Tuk Tuk wala

India: Delhi – Maru the Tuk Tuk wala

So we eventually managed to arrive at the correct hotel despite the curveballs along the way. It is well written about in the guidebooks that often people will tell you your hotel has had a fire or it’s fully booked just to get your business. I tend to read these things before travelling and then never usually come across them but day 1 in India and so far I have learnt that everyone is out to scam you 🤣 Don’t day I didn’t warn you.

We left the hotel after checking in and decided to explore the area we are staying in Parha Ganj which is the backpacker area. It reminded me a lot of Kathmandu with it’s windy backstreets but with much better roads. The streets are full of taxi’s, rickshaws, tucktucs, cows, men with loaded trollies, and people. Our first mission was to find some food. Scorn me you might but I’ve been watching food blogs on India for months and I decided I needed to try the Indian McDonalds, the Indian McDonalds is so different to anything we have back home. Chris ordered a spicy paneer burger and I’m not quite sure what I had but it was a vegetarian style Big Mac. After tasting the other delights India had to offer I don’t think I will be visiting again but here the menu feel free to take a look!

Later in the evening we decided that we should make the most of our short time in Delhi and went back to meet a tuck tuc driver we had met called Maru. He had offered to take us to India Gate which is basically a smaller version of the Arch de triomphe.

The trip here resulted in an epic journey which included The lotus temple

The buildings of parliament

2 Hindi temples one of which was the monkey temple!

It was a great whistle stop tour of Delhi especially since our time in Delhi is limited, more so with Holi taking up our last full day. We agreed a price with Maru before setting off on our journey which is always a wise move. We agreed on 1000rps which is around £10, I did tip him as he took us to more than the agreed places and spent all evening with us so I gave him 1500rps around £15.

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