India: Delhi – Holi Festival

///India: Delhi – Holi Festival

India: Delhi – Holi Festival

This was the part of Delhi we had both been looking forward to. Prior to setting off on our travels we had researched Holi and struggled to find any traditional celebrations in Delhi. The traditional ones we found were a journey away and with the limited we had in Delhi weren’t possible this time.

We were well organised with cheap white clothes that could be thrown away after the event. The hotel advised us just to walk in the streets and we would find the celebration or rather it would find us 🤣

We attended breakfast ready for the fun and decided to go out and buy some powder. We hadn’t gone very far when the first bit of colour was put on our face. The celebration started very civilised with a gentle wipe of colour on the face and good wishes for the rest of the year. This later turned into coloured water bombs been hurled at you and water been dropped from the balconies above. Before heading to India I did a little research regarding Holi and I did read that it’s one of the only days in the year that the Hindu men drink and as such can become a little over interested in female tourists. I can confirm this is the truth and after a couple of attempts at trying to kiss and grope me it was time to head back to the hotel!

After some food and feeling a little brave again we headed up the street to be met by a guy we had met on our earlier excursion out. He happened to be a local hostel owner and he invited up to his rooftop garden to drink beer. Of course we accepted his invitation and it wasn’t long before we were swapping Holi stories with people from all over the world. The ladies also had experienced the same as me but everyone had enjoyed their selves.

This is how we ended our day…… the colour was really hard to get off and I’m sure we will continue our journey with a splattering of colour.

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