India – Agra – Bhopal Sleeper Train

///India – Agra – Bhopal Sleeper Train

India – Agra – Bhopal Sleeper Train

Tonight we would be experiencing a full overnight train experience. The train was due to leave Agra at 23:26 and arrive in Bhopal at 06:40 the following morning.

The train station was still teaming with people and bustling, I was surprised at this time of night but inside the station you would have never guessed the time. Our train wasn’t waiting this time so we had to wait for it to come in. After a last minute platform change and some help from a young Indian couple who were travelling on our train which coincidentally was the same carriage we found our our way into the train and safely on our way to Bhopal.

When we got on the train most of the people had already retired for the night. Curtains surround the beds for privacy. We had been allocated a top and bottom bunk in one of the isle locations. Due to the amount of luggage we had only one of the cases would fit under the bed so Chris decided he would sleep with his case and opted for the bottom bunk. He is a much lighter sleeper than I am I could have woken up with no luggage left and been none the wiser! We had brought locks and padlocks and I did use them just for precaution but to be honest on this class of train (we were travelling 2nd Class AC) I don’t think anyone would have bothered us but it’s probably not worth the risk.

Although the trains are cheap in India they do get more expensive the higher class you travel. The classes range from a basic chair, sleeper class which is the train we took to Agra and then Air Con 3, 2 and 1 in 3 and 2 this dictates how many bunks high and 1st class means you get a lockable door rather than a curtain.

The best way to describe the top bunk was like been in a car boot, been able to feel the motion and not really know where you’re going. You are provided with a sheet, pillow and a blanket on the train. So it’s just a case of making your bed up and climbing in. I did discover on a later train that only the sheets are washed regularly so I was so pleased I brought my own sleeping bag liner and travel pillow.

It took me a little while to get to sleep and I also had to brace myself getting up for the loo without falling off my bunk! I slept reasonably well and was woken by my alarm at 6am the next morning. As soon as the alarm went off I heard the chia man Singing in the isles.

The train pulled into Bhopal exactly on time. We found our way to the exit and were followed by an eager tuk tuk owner who took us to our hotel the other side of Bhopal.

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