Guangdong, China: Day 4 Factory Factory Factory

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Guangdong, China: Day 4 Factory Factory Factory

Day 4 – Factory Visits

This weekend was planned for factory visits.

First was a metal factory to ask if they can make a product I have designed. Explaining an idea that exists only in your head is tricky when you don’t speak the same language but this factory had a warehouse of spare parts so I constructed a crude shape of the product I wanted out of parts they had available to give them an idea. It was a bit like playing with Meccano! They assured me it was simple for them and will come back to me soon with a quote or further questions.

The second factory I visited was a 90 minute drive away and one I found on a previous trip when I got into a stranger’s Porche and randomly got delivered at a factory in the countryside. The owner, Jack, is softly spoken and very young. His factory had expanded from one floor to 4 floors since I last saw him… He had also expanded into pet products and showed me an innovative dog brush that would be perfect for husky hair!

The third factory of the day was my main current supplier and I spent an hour looking at new products they had to offer and selected a few new items for the range which will ship to the UK ready for photography and barcoding next week.

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