Flight pricing varies wildly, but once you understand the basic routes, hubs and alliances you can quickly find some hidden bargains.

While the easiest way to compare and search is the wonderful Skyscanner website, for those looking deeper for bargains I recommend the Google owned site ITA Matrix. Although ITA Matrix looks complicated, you have more flexibility than other comparison sites, both in nearby airports and surrounding dates.

Once you find a flight you are happy with, compare this with several online agents; you’ll be surprised! Prices for the same flight can vary by up to 20% and agents are often cheaper than booking direct on the airline’s website.

When you have chosen the vendor for your preferred route, check into Top Cashback. If you don’t already know it SIGN UP NOW! Basically you visit Top Cashback search for the company you’re planning to make a purchase from and if they are partnered they’ll give you free cash back. This can vary from 1% – 3% on flights, but some agents offer flat fees instead of percentages so depending on the price of your flight it can work out better.